Restoration Tattoo Removal | Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Does the treatment hurt?

The pain is similar to getting a tattoo. We use a numbing cream prior to the procedure, to minimize your discomfort.

How many treatments will I need?

We have seen removal achieved in as little as 2 treatments  However, there are several variables that can influence the outcome which will be addressed at your consultation appointment.

How soon after my first treatment can I have another?

We recommend a minimum of 6-8  weeks healing time between treatments. If you are fading more then one tattoo a treatments will be spaced accordingly.

 What if I wait longer then 6 weeks, does that affect the outcome?

Experience has taught us the treatments are best kept on schedule to receive the maximum benefits.

I’ve had two laser treatments, will that affect the outcome?

Laser pushes the ink in, while our treatment pulls it. Previous laser can make it more difficult to grab the ink. While not impossible it will be determined at your consultation whether you are a good candidate. We have had some amazing success with clients who have had previous laser. 

Are some colours harder to remove then others?

Due to the metals in certain colors some are more resistant then others. (Can be evaluated at the consultation)

What does all natural serum mean?

Our serum which has proven to work with exceptional results is comprised ingredients naturally derived and meet Health Canada Guidelines. Whenever possible the ingredients are locally sourced and have no known allergens.