Restoration Tattoo Removal | About
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We are an all natural solution to removing ink from your body with as little discomfort as possible.

How we differ from laser

We remove the ink – laser pushes it deeper into the body which can pose health risks

All serum is derived from all natural sources, which meet Health Canada Guidelines. It is fair gentler on the skin so a future tattoo is possible.

All colors can be removed – some colors are undetected by lasers

Typically 1/2 the treatments of laser

Minimal discomfort

Little to no scarring

Restoration Tattoo Removal was born out of the desire to help others remove unwanted ink. 

At RTR we believe continuing education is critical to our future success and growth, that is why we are committed to continually seek out the best method and serum available on the market. 


At Restoration Tattoo Removal we have created a soothing and inviting environment for both client and employee’s where we can come together and erase unwanted ink that no longer aligns with who we are. Our mission is to safely and comfortably remove or fade tattoo’s leaving our clients with a beautiful fresh canvas.


Our Vision at Restoration Tattoo Removal is to have a clinic setting where clients feel welcome and comfortable during their visit. Where the atmosphere is both soothing and healing, allowing our clients to enjoy the benefits of being released from all that their ink has come to represent.